Adrienne Tooley was born and raised in the desert suburbs of Southern California, in a town that didn’t get an H&M until after she left for college. She has lived in New York City long enough to confidently give directions to tourists, but not long enough that the skyline at night fails to take her breath away. 

As a writer, Adrienne has several projects in the works, including two contemporary YA novels. She also started the VRYDYWRDS project on instagram where she has challenged herself to write one piece every day of her 25th year. She has contributed to BUST magazine, and was the editor for Jeffrey Austin Ellis’s collections of flash fiction “Pretendscious” volumes I and II, available as Amazon E-Books.

As a songwriter, Adrienne has been compared to Carole King, praised for her “frankness,” “sharp, witty lyricism; clear, uncluttered acoustic songwriting” and was “one to keep an eye on” from Folk Radio UK. Her first EP, “Nowhere Girl,” was released in 2014, and “This Was True Once,” her sophomore EP, arrived in the spring of 2016.